Companies and individuals are increasingly exposed to extensive disclosure requirements, and often don’t have the resources or knowledge to navigate this complex territory. This is where our team of experts can lend strong support.

Special skills drive extraordinary results

We are thoroughly trained in all areas of tax and accounting, and proactively keep up-to-date on changing policies and regulations — so you don’t have to. The risks associated with tax accounting errors can be significant, and we are happy to support you in any or all areas to achieve error-free, compliant documents.
  • We can assist you with a wide range of tax accounting services, including:

    • Notice to reader engagements
    • Review engagements
    • Accounting and bookkeeping assistance
    • Preparation and filing of various election forms

  • We also cover the preparation and filing of returns, including:

    • GST
    • T1 personal income tax
    • T2 personal income tax
    • T3 trust income tax
    • T4 and T5 information returns
    • T5013 partnership information returns

Nuvero Services